North Dakota Trophy Whitetail Bowhunts


North Dakota flies way under the radar when it comes to knowledge of the massive, heavy horned Whitetails that reside there. But that is rapidly changing. North Dakota is very quickly becoming renowned for it’s TROPHY WHITETAILS and rightfully so. We are firmly convinced that North Dakota today is where Kansas was 10 or 12 years ago. For a discriminating bowhunter who is looking for an outstanding hunt at a terrific value then look no further.


There are many benefits to BOWHUNTING TROPHY WHITETAIL with our outfitter here in North Dakota. He Manages over 3,000 private acres for BOWHUNTING ONLY !!! This ground has been specifically managed for trophy Whitetails since 2003. Our outfitter didn’t even start taking clients until 2008. He runs a very small camp taking a max of 3 hunters at a time to give each hunter the very best personal attention for their week long hunt. QUALITY NOT QUANITY once again prevails !! If that isn’t enough to get the blood flowing then how about this. Our outfitter has taken MANAGEMENT to the next level with a massive amount of constant contact with his Whitetails using trailcams and in the field data from himself and staff. He is routinely watching his deer year round. Not just before the season starts. They supplement their deer herd with minerals from MONSTR RAXX, TROPHY ROCK and Protein from ANTLER KING. In addition to the agriculture in and around the surrounding area, our outfitter has implemented corn feeders which he has placed 1 for every 160 acres to continue to add in feeding and maintaining his deer herd. He is choosing not to hunt directly over the feeders but rather hunt the deer in transition to and from the feeders. He believes that this will increase day time movement for his clients to hunt deer that are NOT pressured at the feeders.


Still looking for more reasons ?? He has also implemented OZONICS machines that each client has at their stand to help eliminate human scent, along with scent free field spray and scent free shampoo and soap which is provided at no extra charge on this bowhunt. Also for the cold late season hunts he has heater body suits for his clients to use to stay focused and ready on stand during those cold November and December days.

This area is made up of agriculture, old farmsteads, shelter belts, poplar groves, native grasslands and a small amount of CRP that pulls in and holds the deer from the nearby Mouse River bottom. Tags for this BOWHUNT are readily available and are over the counter. Trophy Whitetail without the draw and a very affordable price gives this top billing for any passionate bowhunter. With the season opening on August 31st this also is a very good choice for that velvet buck you have always wanted for the wall. Or you can opt to come and bowhunt the late season long after many of the other states have shut down . These are big bodied deer that can basically be considered along the lines of the Canadian body size with heavy massive racks to boot.

With this being a very affordable hunt with very impressive trophy quality, It’s definitely a TROPHY WHITETAIL BOWHUNT worth considering. All bowhunts are conducted out of Gorilla Lock on tree stands, Big Game ladder stands and or Gorilla ground blinds set up for 20 – 30 yard shots. Meals and lodging included, as well as all transportation while on your 7day bowhunt. FALL TURKEY is also available free of charge from the outfitter. The permit is by lottery and costs $80.

If you are looking for a TROPHY WHITETAIL BOWHUNT custom made for the serious bowmen then here it is. Space is very limited so we encourage you to contact us as spots for this amazing opportunity are filling up fast. Don’t let this one get away. Contact us to discuss your next North Dakota Bow and Arrow Adventure.


Best regards, Scott Alberda

North Dakota Trophy Whitetail Information:

North Dakota private land in Mc Henry County.
Trophy Potential:
125" - 150" + P&Y average score.
7 days / Saturday - Friday
Airport pickup and return included in hunt cost.
Hunt Transportation:
All transportation while on hunt is provided.
Clean and comfortable 3 bedroom lodge with all amenities.
License & Tag Fees:
License & tag Approx $250.00
Style of Hunt:
Tree stand, Ladder stand or Ground blind.


End of August - first week of January.

North Dakota Trophy Whitetail Included:

Professional BOWHUNTING guides.


All tracking services and delivery of game to local processor.


Clean and comfortable lodging.


Breakfast and lunch meals provided but client might prepare.


Hearty meals for supper.


OZONICS machines and scent elimination products.


Heater body suits if required.

North Dakota Trophy Whitetail Not Included:

Air travel to and from Minot, North Dakota.


Meals at local restaurants.


License & tag fees approx $250.00


Guide gratuities.


Taxidermy services.

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