Manitoba Bow Zone Trophy Whitetail Hunts



Have you ever wanted to BOWHUNT a place that was custom made for TROPHY WHITETAILS ? A place that had prime agriculture, creek and river bottoms, hardwood forests, oh and no firearm season. Yes I said it, BOWHUNTING ONLY !!! This is not a pipe dream, but is in fact very realistic. Bow and Arrow Adventures is proud to offer our clients a true Canadian BOW ZONE experience. Our same Outfitter for our Manitoba Spring Bear hunts has secured the only non-resident tags available in this Whitetail bowhunting paradise located in the heart of the Red River Valley of Southern Manitoba. There are only 6 tags available to non-residents and these guys have them all. There is no other outfitter in the valley that can offer this exclusive bowhunting opportunity.


This is a unique opportunity for the discriminating bow hunter to hunt 100% PRIVATE LAND in an exclusive BOWHUNTING ONLY ZONE. This is a very realistic opportunity at a P&Y class animal. You can anticipate seeing bucks in the 125 ” – 150 ” P&Y class with the potential for a close encounter with a true Canadian giant over the span of your 5 day bowhunt. This is also a bowhunt that we can recommend for someone who is looking to take that big buck in velvet for the trophy room as our clients can start bowhunting for them at the end of August.With only 6 tags and plenty of well managed private land you can be assured that you will be bowhunting unpressured bucks and fresh stands over the course of your week. They average a shot opportunity rate of over 90% on the P&Y class trophies that call this valley home. A shot opportunity rate this high is basically unheard of on a fair chase bowhunt in North America. This seriously stacks the odds in your favor but it’s up to you to hit the mark.


The top all time archery bucks in the typical and non-typical categories for Manitoba have been produced in this big buck mecca. A 190 2/8 typical and a mega buck of 234 2/8 non-typical. All things considered the Red River Valley’s rich agriculture, hardwood forests, genetics and limited hunting pressure combine to provide the perfect conditions for that trophy of a life time. With 3 rivers flowing through the valley the conditions are right for lots of agriculture and trophy class bucks to pursue in the river bottoms and woodlots.


If you have a passion for bruiser Whitetails than this bowhunt should be at the top of your list. This is a sleeper of an opportunity that I would put up against any other Whitetail hunt in North America. Space is limited so please contact us to discuss the possibilities of placing you on this excellent Bow and Arrow Adventure.


Best regards, Scott Alberda

Manitoba Trophy Whitetail Information:

Southern Manitoba private land.
Trophy Potential:
125" - 150" + P&Y Average score with serious B&C potential.
5 days
Provided by outfitter if flying in to Winnipeg MB or client can provide own transportation.
Hunt Transportation:
All transportation while on hunt is provided.
Clean, comfortable motels.
License & Tag Fees:
License & tag approx $320.00
Style of Hunt:
Lock on stands, Ladder stands or ground blinds.


End of August for velvet hunt to Mid November for Rut hunts.

Manitoba Trophy Whitetail Included:

Professional BOWHUNTING guides.




All tracking services, field prep, skinning and delivery of game to local processor if required.


Clean and comfortable motel lodging.


All meals while on hunt.


Airport pickup and return to Winnipeg, MB.


Manitoba Trophy Whitetail Not Included:

Air travel to and from Winnipeg, Manitoba.


License & tag fees approx $320.00


Guide gratuities.


Taxidermy services and meat processing.

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