Illinois Trophy Whitetail Bowhunts



For 21 years, our Illinois Whitetail Deer Bow Hunting outfitter has been producing outstanding Trophy Whitetail Bucks for our Bow hunting clients. He concentrates on one thing, archery Whitetail Deer hunting and does it very well.  The goal of our Illinois Whitetail Deer outfitter has remained the same since he first started offering Guided Bow hunts 21 years ago; that is to provide the serious Bow hunter with the opportunity to hunt the biggest Whitetail Deer in the country. His Illinois Whitetail Deer archery hunting areas are selected for their reputation for producing outstanding trophy Whitetail Bucks. If you don’t have the patience and self-control to wait on a true trophy Whitetail Deer, then this bow hunting experience is not for you. But if you have the patience to pass on young deer then it is certainly possible to have a chance at a true archery hunting wall hanger.


Pike County Whitetail Deer Hunting


Our Illinois Whitetail Deer Bowhunting operation is located in FAMOUS PIKE COUNTY.  Pike County Illinois continues to rank as the #1 county in the nation for Bowhunting Whitetail Deer trophy’s registered with Pope & Young. Our bow hunting clients are seeing and harvesting more and bigger Whitetail bucks than anytime during the past 21 years of bow hunting this amazing Pike County hunting area. Our Illinois outfitters bow hunting harvest records over recent years prove this. We believe that one of the main contributors to this success is the minimum size restrictions imposed throughout much of Pike County, and the fact that our private lands are only hunted for 3 weeks out of the entire year. When Whitetail bucks are allowed to grow to maturity and receive limited hunting pressure our archery hunting clients reap the rewards.

Whitetail Deer Rut Bow Hunts


All our Illinois Whitetail Deer Bow Hunting trips are rut hunts and will typically take place the last week of October through the first 2 weeks of November. We are bow hunting in the vast croplands of West Central Illinois, where MONSTER WHITETAIL Bucks are always a reality. Throughout these huge corn and soybean fields there is adequate cover in the form of small woodlots, brushy fence rows and CRP fields. Top Whitetail Deer habitat conditions provide excellent travel routes in the form of funnels and bottlenecks which are custom made for serious archery hunting. The combination of unlimited nutrition, good cover and outstanding Whitetail Deer genetics provides everything these Illinois Whitetail bucks need to reach WORLD-CLASS proportions.


Bow and Arrow Adventures Illinois Whitetail Deer bow hunting outfitter was one of the first to break ground  for Whitetail Deer in Pike County Illinois. If you are serious about a trophy Whitetail Deer then this bow hunting opportunity should be at the top of your list.


Please contact us with any thoughts or questions regarding this bow hunt for the legends of Pike County Illinois.


Best regards, Scott Alberda & R.L. Foster

Illinois Trophy Whitetail Information:

Pike County Illinois
Trophy Potential:
135" - 145" P&Y average score.
5 days (Saturday - Wednesday)
Client must provide transportation.
Hunt Transportation:
Client must provide transportation.
First class local hotel.
License & Tag Fees:
License & tag Approx $410.00
Style of Hunt:
Strategically placed treestands.
Last week of Oct - first 2 weeks of Nov. PRIME RUT!!

Illinois Trophy Whitetail Included:

Professional bowhunting  guides.


Bowhunting managed private farms.


All tracking services and delivery of game to local processor.


First class lodging.

Illinois Trophy Whitetail Not Included:

Air travel to and from St. Louis, Missouri or Quincy, Illinois.


Travel to and from hunting areas.


Meals at local restaurants.


License & tag fees approx $410.00


Guide gratuities.

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