Bowhunting Trophy Whitetails, is there a more exciting challenge in the world of hunting?  For many bowhunters in the the U.S. the word bowhunting means Whitetails. If it is true that the challenge is what drives most hunters to bowhunt , then there is little question why Whitetails are considered by many to be the king of North American big game. Accomplished bowhunters who have cut their teeth taking any legal Whitetail are now raising the bar, as they have begun to concentrate their efforts on tagging only mature trophy bucks. This requires a dramatic change in hunting tactics as any veteran Whitetail hunter will tell you mature bucks are like an entirely different animal.


If your goal is to harvest big trophy Whitetail with bow and arrow, how can you tip the odds in your favor? Hundreds if not thousands of books have been written on this subject, but there is little doubt that the old real estate phrase, “location, location, location” is a key to successfully taking big bucks. If a bowhunter is serious about harvesting trophy Whitetail with stick and string the very best advise anyone can give him is to hunt the areas which have the highest concentration of trophy bucks. This may sound simple enough, but competition for the very best areas is a challenge in itself, even after you have spent the time, effort and research to locate them.


Once the search has been narrowed down on prospective areas, a number of other important factors must be considered. Unless you have access to a huge property of several thousand acres, knowing how the neighboring properties is being hunted is vitally important. It takes age for a buck to become a trophy and that rarely happens if your neighbor is harvesting every young buck which crosses the property line. If the property your considering has been hunted in the past, (which is in most cases it has), it is important to know the history of how it has been hunted. Was there a management program in place, harvesting excess does and protecting young bucks?


Knowing how many people hunted it and how often, can give you a good idea as to how much pressure has been put on your deer.  Big mature bucks become almost impossible to kill if they receive too much hunting pressure.


If all of this sounds like a monumental task, you are right it can be. That is why many serious bowhunters choose to use the services of a reputable guide to increase their chances of tagging a trophy. A knowledgeable veteran Whitetail guide can be a huge advantage when it comes to consistently putting big trophy bucks on the wall. His success is based on his clients success, so in most cases if he doesn’t produce quality bucks for his clients he doesn’t stay in business very long. Even after securing access to prime ground, it is vital that he know the area and the travel patterns of the deer on his properties. Knowing the area and knowing the deer in that area requires more time in the field than most hunters can afford. Hunting with the knowledge that big bucks are in your area is invaluable mentally. This type of confidence is required when spending long hours in a treestand, especially during harsh weather conditions.


The Professionals at Bow and Arrow Adventures have spent decades researching the very best Outfitters in the very best trophy producing areas in the country. Some of our Outfitters are located in well –known Big Buck Hot spots, some are in lesser known “sleeper” areas that produce monster deer, but doesn’t get the same amount of publicity. What they both have in common is a solid track record of putting their clients in bow range of huge trophy whitetails.


Best regards, Scott Alberda & R.L. Foster


” I have been on several hunts including Africa…I can say that Bow & Arrow adventures has a first class company. They value your business while providing top level service with an opportunity to harvest some of the largest bulls anywhere. “
Matthew Miller, MD – New Mexico Elk Hunt


" We had a great hunt, three out of five hunters in my party were successful on P&Y quality bucks. Scott provided all the information and took care of all the logistics for us. We will be using Scott and Bow and Arrow Adventures for future hunts. "


Chad Hole, CA - Wyoming Mule Deer Hunt


" Accommodations are in a top notch B&B. Trophy Quality is excellent. Guide worked hard to be sure you had the best possible opportunity to take a trophy. Would highly recommend to other hunters. "


Tim Fisk, AL - Kansas Whitetail Hunt


" Scott set us up with a first class hunt. The camp was the best, lots of game, great quality. It literally couldn't have been better."


Jack Jennings, CA - Texas Whitetail Hunt

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