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Montana trophy Antelope bowhunts are certain to get bowhunters of all experience levels excited. Welcome to the beautiful Powder River basin of Montana. We have partnered with an outfitter in Southeastern Montana who has been producing trophy class Antelope since he opened up shop in 2007. He and his staff continue to produce exceptional success rates on P&Y class Pronghorn Antelope each and every year. Seeing plenty of Antelope on this hunt won’t be difficult, getting top pin close is where the action and chess match begin. Our outfitters philosophy is fairly simple, to aid their clients in harvesting MATURE, QUALITY TROPHIES. They will give you a 100% effort to give your bowhunt every possible chance to succeed in taking a trophy Antelope. This outfit is located along the Montana – Wyoming border where the Powder River drainage crosses the State line. This gives our bowhunters the opportunity to bowhunt for trophy class Antelope in both States if he or she chooses to do so. Many bowhunters each year continue to come back with this outfitter because the hunting is so good. You can expect to see hundreds of Antelope throughout your 4 day bowhunt. If you are interested this hunt can also be combined with Deer at an additional cost. It is most likely that you will see some very good Muledeer and Whitetail bucks during your Antelope hunt. The hunt includes all meals, lodging and transportation while on your hunt.


Our unique outfitter operates his hunts on over 120,000 MANAGED PRIVATE ACRES in this beautiful area of Montana. Antelope seem to prefer this type of country of the plains and breaks of Southeast Montana where they can best use their amazing eyesight to up their advantage. Finding a good buck is the easy part, this is where your knowledgeable guide comes into play along with the strategically placed blinds over waterholes and fence crossings, from there it’s all up to you for connecting on the shot. The Antelope in this area range from 13 – 15+” We encourage our clients to hold out for a good MATURE representative of the species as there is no reason to shoot a small goat. Just be patient and you will get your shot at a good one. This animal is exciting to bowhunt as they can see incredibly well and run at speeds approaching 40 MPH. This area sustains a healthy herd of Antelope so you can expect plenty of action with a 100% shot opportunity.


Bowhunting for a mature pronghorn means passing small juvenile bucks to get to that P&Y class shooter. These vast leases allow our outfitter to hunt over many miles of prairie to find you the buck you are waiting for. This allows our clients to get the very best bowhunt possible. These ranches are all low fence and completely fair chase. Again our outfitter takes great pride in managing their ranches so that animals can reach their full potential and be mature. Hunts will be conducted by sitting waterholes and fence crossings with some spot and stalk / decoying if you time the rut just right. Lodging consists of a main house equipped with satellite TV, wireless internet and 2 bathrooms. Sleeping will take place in small modest cabins where you will have twin bunks and electricity. You will most likely have the chance to glass game right out of camp. When you arrive a guide will help you get settled and see if you need any assistance with gear. From there you will have an orientation that evening to go over camp rules and policies for the hunt.


There are many places where you can go and shoot a goat. With us you will get an opportunity to bowhunt some of the very best ground available in Southeast Montana. Take a moment to look over the pictures above and see the lengthy track record of QUALITY BUCKS for yourself. Spots are fairly limited and seem to book up early in the year so contact us soon to discuss this exciting bowhunt. We are certain that if you bowhunt with us in the beautiful Powder River basin of Montana that you will be very pleased with your next Pronghorn Antelope, Bow and Arrow Adventure.


Best regards, Scott Alberda

Montana Trophy Antelope Information:

Southeastern Montana
$2,200 (2 on 1) or $2,950  (1 on 1).
Trophy Potential:
13" - 15"+ P&Y average Score 70".
4 days
Airport pickup and return is provided for $60.00 round trip.
Hunt Transportation:
All transportation while on hunt is provided.
Comfortable, clean lodging at ranch house and cabins.
License & Tag Fees:
License & tag approx $205.00
Style of Hunt:
Spot and stalk, ground blind or decoy.
Late August - September

Montana Trophy Antelope Included:

Professional BOWHUNTING guides.


Bowhunting on manged private land.


All tracking services and preparation of game for travel.


Clean and comfortable lodging.


All meals while at camp.


All hunt transportation.

Montana Trophy Antelope Not Included:

Air travel to and from Gillette, Wyoming.


Meals at local restaurants while in town.


License & tag fees approx $205.00


Guide gratuities.


Taxidermy services.


Meat processing.


Airport pickup and return for $60.00 round trip.

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