Pronghorn Antelope



Bowhunting for Trophy Antelope across the West is very popular, Guided Archery Antelope Hunts are a fairly less strenuous undertaking and tags in many areas are readily available. Just keep in mind that it’s gonna be hot. There are hundreds of Antelope Outfitters out West to choose from and Antelope populations in most areas are doing very well. That being said you still want to focus on an outfitter who not only has excellent ranches and trophy quality but also an excellent BOWHUNTING BACKGROUND AND TRACK RECORD. The outfitters we work with have been successfully guiding ARCHERY ANTELOPE CLIENTS FOR YEARS NOW!! In short you will be hard pressed to find a better bowhunt for these speedsters of the plains!! Antelope have EXCEPTIONAL VISION, good hearing and a sharp sense of smell not to mention an edgy sixth sense. They can run up to 55 mph and when mature a Buck can weigh as much as 140+ lbs. They are one of the most unique animals in the World and only found in North America. They make an excellent mount and depending on how you make use of the table fare it can be very good eating if the aren’t just sage goats.


Whether you are looking for the more traditional bowhunting over water or fence crossing type of bowhunt or are looking to try something different via spot & stalk and decoy, we have the hunt for you. Shot opportunity on P&Y CLASS ANTELOPE IS 100% with some goats taken in the high 70’s and even 80″ mark most years. If you are building points out west then we can also provide you with a hunt for the high end buck you have been working towards. It takes many years to build up points in Arizona, Nevada, California, Utah, Colorado and certain parts of Wyoming and Montana. We can help see to it that you don’t waste them. Also we can assist with getting you a landowner tag in several Sataes.


The outfitters we have partnered with have an extensive bowhunting background and are prepared to adapt to any situation if need be such as weather changes or game movement. Year in and year out they produce for our clients and they can do the same for you and your group. The better Antelope bowhunts out West start around $1,900 and go up from there. In many areas there may very well be the opportunity to add Mule Deer, Whitetail or an additional Pronghorn. We can even offer you a 2 State bowhunt right on the Montana, Wyoming line in the same trip!! Our outfitters encourage their clients to hold out for a P&Y class Buck that will make the minimum of 67″.


Chasing speed goats requires A LOT OF PATIENCE AT TIMES. You can be in a smoking hot blind for a large portion of the day and you will just have to stick it out. As you weight for your trophy to come in you will often see Antelope in the distance throughout your day, which will help keep you focused and in the game. Antelope hunting especially in ultra hot conditions can be a challenging mental game. You will need to stay hydrated and possibly read a good book to pass the time.  Shots will range from top pin (or possibly less over a decoy) to 60 yards plus. Shoot a fast arrow with a QUALITY BROADHEAD. Antelope are not the toughest critter on the planet but they can go an insanely long distance if not hit well and then spooked.


Antelope Bowhunts are a great way to introduce someone to the sport and also as mentioned above are highly successful even to a first timer. It is also a very popular group hunt. We can accommodate your group and also offer a discount that will be tough to beat. With out question a P&Y class Antelope is a worthy trophy for any bowhunter and also one of the more readily available and easier to attain. Please contact us to discuss the several different opportunities that we have for you next Bow and Arrow Adventure. You will be glad you did!!


Best regards, Scott Alberda & R.L. Foster


” I have been on several hunts including Africa…I can say that Bow & Arrow adventures has a first class company. They value your business while providing top level service with an opportunity to harvest some of the largest bulls anywhere. “
Matthew Miller, MD – New Mexico Elk Hunt


" We had a great hunt, three out of five hunters in my party were successful on P&Y quality bucks. Scott provided all the information and took care of all the logistics for us. We will be using Scott and Bow and Arrow Adventures for future hunts. "


Chad Hole, CA - Wyoming Mule Deer Hunt


" Accommodations are in a top notch B&B. Trophy Quality is excellent. Guide worked hard to be sure you had the best possible opportunity to take a trophy. Would highly recommend to other hunters. "


Tim Fisk, AL - Kansas Whitetail Hunt


" Scott set us up with a first class hunt. The camp was the best, lots of game, great quality. It literally couldn't have been better."


Jack Jennings, CA - Texas Whitetail Hunt

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