Wyoming Trophy Muledeer Bowhunts


Wyoming archery Muledeer hunts with our outfitter in North Eastern Wyoming are truly in the middle of the good old days right now. His areas in regions C and Y have lots of bucks with good quality to match. It will be a tall order to find better Muledeer hunting in Wyoming than what our outfitter can offer you. With lot’s of deer on the leases and the trophy quality being very good the excitement level is sure to run high as you go through your week here. With success rates being very high and shot opportunity consistently running a 100% for archery, this hunt will certainly keep you busy pursuing trophy Muledeer. Our outfitter likes to target mature Mulies that will be 6 – 8 years of age. Harvested Muledeer will usually average in the mid 150’s to the mid 170’s P&Y, with 24″ – 28″ average spreads. The areas our outfitter hunts produce deep forks and decent mass due to the strong genetics that are in this country. Another kicker is literally a kicker as many of the mature bucks you will encounter often carry an extra point or two. Bucks over 200″ have been taken in the past with 180 + ” bucks taken most years. Our outfitter is super confident at showing patient archers stalks on 150″ – 180″ bucks each day they are out on these managed leases. Each and every client should see and stalk trophy bucks of that caliber.


As we have built a reputation for working with some of the best bowhunting outfitters and guides in the world you will find that this bowhunt is no different. Our outfitter is himself an accomplished bowman and he knows the importance of having a knowledgeable bowhunting guide to get clients in close for a high percentage shot on trophy Muledeer. That is why he has some of the best bowhunting guides in the business on his staff. Trophy Muledeer can be a very tough quarry and you must have the right guide to help you seal the deal. These folks are definitely up to the challenge. This outfitter consistently produces trophies with stick and string for their clients each year, not once in awhile.


With just over 250,000 acres of PRIVATE LAND for his clients, that is spread out over 12 different ranches, we have no doubt that you will always have a fresh group of deer to glass and stalk. Our outfitter is management minded and chooses to only take a small amount of bowhunters each year for Muledeer ( usually 6 or less ) This will ensure that his ground is never over hunted and there will be plenty of bucks for years to come. This management also will provide more deer as it is not uncommon to see  a 100 or more deer with 10 – 40 or more different bucks per day.


This is big country so you will be doing a lot of glassing and planning your stalks with your bowhunting guide. There may be a ground blind or tree stand used if the situation arises on some patterned bucks entering the alfalfa fields and food plots in the evenings, but plan to spot and stalk. You will want to be in the best shape possible for you close the distance in this rolling to mountainous country. Transportation on the hunt will be by truck or ATV. From there you will get out and hike into more remote areas and search for your trophy. You can expect shots from 30 yards to 60 yards with closer opportunities coming if all goes well. It all depends on your shooting and stalking ability. This hunt can also be combined with Antelope if you so choose as they are very prominent on these same leases so the odds of encountering a good P&Y Antelope is actually very good while chasing Mulies.


There has never been a better time to get out and pursue trophy Muledeer than now. The bucks in this area of Wyoming are thriving on these managed ranches. With a bowhunting savvy outfitter and guides that are bowhunters themselves, this all adds up to the makings of a very memorable trophy Muledeer hunt in the great State of Wyoming. We would enjoy getting the opportunity to discuss this bowhunt with you and get you organized to enjoy a high quality and action packed Bow and Arrow Adventure.


Best regards, Scott Alberda

Wyoming Trophy Muledeer Information:

North Eastern Wyoming private ranches.
$4,950 for 2 on 1 or $5,950 for 1 on 1
Trophy Potential:
155" - 170" + P&Y average score.
6 full days.
Airport pickup and return to Sheridan, Wyoming provided.
Hunt Transportation:
All transportation while on hunt is provided.
Big beautiful first class lodge with all the amenities.
License & Tag Fees:
License & tag for regions C or Y approx $342.00
Style of Hunt:
Spot and stalk, tree stand or ground blind.




Wyoming Trophy Muledeer Included:

Professional BOWHUNTING guides.


All tracking services and delivery of game to local processor.


First class lodging.


All meals while in camp.


6 full days of bowhunting.


Airport pickup and return to Sheridan, Wyoming.


Wyoming Trophy Muledeer Not Included:

Air travel to and from Sheridan, Wyoming.


Meals at local restaurants.


License & tag fees approx $342.00


Guide gratuities.


Meat processing.


Taxidermy services.


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