Montana Trophy Muledeer Bowhunts


Montana Muledeer bowhunting for mature bucks is something our outfitter in Montana is very successful doing. We have found what we believe to be the premiere bowhunting outfitter in Montana’s Powder River Basin. He and his staff have been hard at it for 7 years now and have a fantastic track record with bowhunters. Their philosophy is simple, to aid each and every client in their goal of harvesting a mature P&Y Muledeer buck. They give a 100% effort to give their client every possible advantage to close the distance and get a shot at the record book buck they are looking for. This outfitter is a bowhunter himself and so are some of his guides. They have what it takes to get folks in close to make a good ethical shot.


This Montana outfit is located along the border of Montana and Wyoming where the beautiful Powder River drainage crosses the State line. This actually gives us the unique opportunity to offer our clients a chance to bowhunt game in both Montana and Wyoming. This is an excellent bowhunt to consider pursuing P&Y class Mulies under fair chase and wild conditions. Their repeat business speaks for itself as spots are very limited every year. You can expect to see hundreds of Deer and Antelope throughout your week here on well over 120,000 PRIVATE ACRES. This area of Montana is well known for excellent Deer hunting, a client of ours can expect to see 10 – 20 bucks per day with at times seeing well over 40 bucks in a day. You will get your chance to hunt for a good P&Y class buck. Average scores will be in the high 150’s to low 160’s P&Y with serious potential to get into a buck that will break the 170″ mark.


Muledeer bowhunting with our outfitter on these managed leases is all FAIR CHASE. They strictly control the hunting so each and every client has the opportunity to bowhunt to the fullest. Limited pressure means less spooky and educated game animals. While trophy Muledeer bucks are always a serious challenge for the bowhunter, you can be assured that you will be into bucks each day of your bowhunting adventure. These private ranches span for miles giving our clients the opportunity to find the trophy that they are looking for. This outfit prides itself on managing it’s leases for MATURE ANIMALS with minimal hunting pressure. They are located South of Broadus, Montana along the Little Powder River.


Lodging with this outfitter consists  a main house with satellite TV, wireless internet and 2 bathrooms. The cabins for sleeping are modest and fitted with 2 bunks and electricity. Camp sits off the beaten path in the magnificent Powder River Basin. Most likely you will be able to class up some game right from camp. When you arrive you will get settled in and acquainted with the staff. A guide will assist you with any equipment or issues you might have. The evening before your bowhunt begins their will be a meeting to discuss rules and policies for the week. The day will start with a continental breakfast in the morning before you head out with your guide to begin bowhunting at day break. You will then head back to camp for a hearty mid morning breakfast unless you are on a big buck. From there it’s back out to continue bowhunting for the remainder of the day. Once back at camp after a long day of bowhunting you will pony up to the table for some great supper and plenty of big buck stories.


Weather this time of year can vary greatly. You will want to dress in layers for sure. In September you can expect weather in the 90’s as a high to a possibility of light snow showers or thunder storms. Be prepared for a swing in weather that’s for sure. South Eastern Montana’s terrain varies from agricultural river bottoms filled with alfalfa to mountainous buttes. Most places can be accessed by 4 wheel drive but be expected for some hiking each and every day in this majestic part of Montana. Our outfitter can accommodate anyone’s experience level and capabilities. Ride a long’s are available at the cost of an additional $100.00 per day if you have a non hunter wanting to join you.


Muledeer bowhunting can be a very difficult undertaking. It is important that you bowhunt with someone who is intimately familiar with what it takes to successfully bowhunt for these amazing animals. Not just any outfitter can accomplish this for their clients. To make a Muledeer bowhunt successful most bowhunters need multiple stalks or opportunities to get close enough to draw on these mature wild animals. Don’t risk your hard earned money and precious vacation time with just anybody. Bowhunt with a proven professional who consistently produces high percentage shot opportunities for their clients. Bowhunt with us. We are 100% confident that you will enjoy this Bow and Arrow Adventure and encounter the P&Y Buck you are looking for in the beautiful Powder River Basin of Montana.


Best regards, Scott Alberda


Montana Trophy Muledeer Information:

South Eastern Montana private ranches.
$3,800 for 5 day 2 on 1 or $4,550 for 5 day 1 on 1
Trophy Potential:
155" - 165" + P&Y average score. with good potential to break 170".
5 full days.
Airport pickup and return to Gillette, Wyoming provided for $60.00 round trip.
Hunt Transportation:
All transportation while on hunt is provided.
Clean and comfortable ranch house and cabins.
License & Tag Fees:
License & tag approx $580.00
Style of Hunt:
Spot and stalk, tree stand or ground blind.

Montana Trophy Muledeer Included:

Professional BOWHUNTING guides.


Bowhunting on manged private land.


All tracking services and preparation of game for travel.


Clean and comfortable lodging.


All meals while at camp.


All hunt transportation.




Montana Trophy Muledeer Not Included:

Air travel to and from Gillette, Wyoming.


Meals at local restaurants while in town.


License & tag fees approx $580.00


Guide gratuities.


Taxidermy services.


Meat processing.


Airport pickup and return for $60.00 round trip.

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