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Colorado trophy Muledeer bowhunting is a truly amazing experience. Guided bowhunts for Colorado’s trophy Muledeer is some thing that our outfitter specializes in and is very passionate about. Just ask our client Gary Ostoyic who bowhunted these majestic bucks with us in September 2016. One of the most sought after and toughest species to bowhunt out West is without question THE TROPHY MULEDEER!! Choosing the right outfitter who not only has great ground but also has an authentic understanding of what it takes to get within bow range are key ingredients to success. Luckily for you our outfitter has both. Our outfitter in Western Colorado operates in some of the most prominent GMU’s in this part of Colorado for TRUE TROPHY Mulies. With most all of his Muledeer hunting taking place on quality, managed private land for low hunting pressure and high trophy potential, you can see why we truly love this bowhunting opportunity for trophy Muledeer.


Our mature target bucks on these hunts are 160″- 180″ with potential to encounter even bigger as they are known to be in the units our outfitter hunts in. Our outfitter is a very patient Muledeer guide who will watch a buck several days waiting for that deer to make just enough of a mistake to capitalize on a shot opportunity. Patience is the key to spot and stalk bowhunting and you will need your fair share for this bowhunt as well. Our outfitter runs very small camps which is most beneficial to a hands on detailed bowhunt to best suit your needs and goals. Unless special arrangements are made for a group we will only book 2 bowhunters at a time for this hunt.


While it is indeed possible to have a top pin shot on a trophy Muledeer it is in your very best interest to be prepared to shoot accurately out to 60 yards or in the right situation and shooting ability possibly a touch further. Muledeer are tough so be prepared for a challenging match of wits with these BIG bucks. Hunting the right wind and making that slow patient stalk will all be part of the chess match. Mentally Mulies can be equally as complicated as you could get caught in the middle of a field during a belly crawl to close the distance and be stuck in that position for many minutes so we encourage all of our Muledeer clients to be prepared for anything!!


When it comes to actually bowhunting these mule deer our outfitter has it all, from agricultural land, like corn and alfalfa fields to river bottoms and sagebrush filled draws.  As the elevation climbs you will find mesa tops with sage and cedar breaks transitioning up to thick oak brush covered hillsides and on to the beautiful spruce and quaking aspen forests where these magnificent Mulies can be found from top to bottom.  We have private ground to hunt in all of these geographical types of locations.  This also allows our outfitter to accommodate most everyone’s physical ability.  Stocking in the higher elevation in the aspen’s they place tree stands and ground blinds on points of transition trails giving you a chance at some great mule deer in early September.  The, oak brush country, allows for more glassing and spot and stalk type hunting not only for Muledeer but Elk and Bear as well.  Moving into lower elevation ranging from 5,500 to 7,000 feet our outfitter has a number of grass, alfalfa and corn fields where the deer are often times more easily scouted for and patterned, which allows him to place tree stands or blinds in the area or corner of the field that the mule deer enter into in the evening or exit out of in the mornings on their way to bed.


Western Colorado is known for producing some exceptional mule deer each year.  You can expect to consistently see and have opportunities at mature  Muledeer during the archery season.  Archery season starts in late August giving a bowhunter a great chance at harvesting a Muledeer in full velvet. Going into the 2nd week of September the bucks begin to rub their velvet and by the 3rd week they are all cleaned up and hard horned.


Bowhunts are for 5 full days. You will need to arrive the day before your hunt starts and depart the day after your bowhunt concludes. Airport pickup and return to Grand Junction or Montrose, Colorado are included in the price. Lodging will be in a comfortable clean ranch house, wall tent or trailer depending on where you end up Muledeer hunting. Either way you will be very comfortable and and enjoy great meals and plenty of action. While Muledeer tags are on a draw basis throughout Colorado, a bowhunter can draw these tags with little to no points in most of these areas. In the event you do not draw our outfitter has access to landowner vouchers most years ranging from $1,000 – $1,500. This is just another reason as to why Colorado is so appealing to many of our clients each season.


When it comes to TROPHY MULEDEER let our experience work for you. Each and every year our outfitter produces shot opportunities on MATURE MULIES. What happens with your shot will ultimately be left up to you. We encourage you to consider this amazing opportunity to bowhunt these impressive trophies out in western Colorado with our outfitter. Please contact us to go over any questions you may have and keep in mind that only a handful of bowhunters a year will get to experience this Bow and Arrow Adventure. So book this hunt early so you don’t miss out.


Best regards, Scott Alberda & R.L. Foster

Colorado Trophy Muledeer Bowhunting Information:

North West Colorado
$5,500 / 1 on 1
Trophy Potential:
160" - 180" P&Y average score with serious B&C + potential.
5 full days.
Airport pickup and return provided by staff to Grand Junction or Montrose, Colorado.
Hunt Transportation:
All transportation while on hunt is provided.
Clean and comfortable rustic ranch house or possibly trailer or tent.
License & Tag Fees:
License & tag approx $379.00 + $10.00 habitat stamp.
Style of Hunt:
Spot & stalk, ground blind or treestand.

Colorado Trophy Muledeer Bowhunting Included:

Professional BOWHUNTING guides.


All tracking services and preparation of game for travel.


Clean and comfortable rustic lodging.


All meals while at camp.


All hunt transportation.


Airport pickup and return to Grand Junction or Montrose, Colorado.

Colorado Trophy Muledeer Bowhunt Not Included:

Air travel to and from Grand Junction or Montrose, Colorado.


Meals at local restaurants while in town.


License & tag fees approx $369.00 + $10.00 habitat stamp.


Guide gratuities.


Taxidermy services.


Meat processing.

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