Oregon Trophy Elk Bowhunts



Oregon archery Elk hunts with our outfitter in Northeastern Oregon have to be experienced to put into words. Many folks are simply not aware of the exceptional opportunities available for our clients in this over the counter State. This is one of many reasons as to why we are so very excited to have the exclusive opportunity to book clients here. Our outfitter has worked and guided in this country for over 20 years. He started way back when working for his dad and still does to this day when not guiding his own clients. This love for the outdoors and guiding has brought our outfitter to where he is today. He is a talented bowhunter himself and knows exactly what it takes to get a client within good bow range of a mature Bull Elk, After all he has been doing this for a very long time. This outfitter plans on nothing less than a 100% success for his clients. He held an impressive 100% shot opportunity on MATURE ANIMALS for the last 5 years or so. I had a client here towards the end of September 2014 and he had a fantastic bowhunt and scored on a beautiful 320″ P&Y class Bull. He was into Elk each day and had several close calls before he got his Oregon trophy. This outfitter works very hard, long before you ever show up he has been scouting the MANAGED PRIVATE LAND that he operates on. During September there can be 250 – 350 head of Elk on the 25,000+ acres that he bowhunts his clients on. Not taking many clients each year means spots are VERY LIMITED.



Grant, County Oregon has produced many P&Y class Bulls over the years and is considered to be arguably the best in the State. Our outfitter has produced several of those Bulls for their clients. With the amount of bowhunters being very limited each year, this allows our outfitter to control the quality of the hunt making certain that each and every client whether they are the first of the year or the last gets a top shelf bowhunting experience. This outfit expects it’s clients to be ready to bowhunt from dark to dark. Thus giving you every possible moment to get that high percentage shot opportunity. Long hours and hard work go hand in hand with success. Archery season here typically opens the last weekend of August and runs through the end of September. Hunts are conducted during the different stages of the Elk rut and can include spot and Stalk, calling, ground blinds and treestands. This area has a great rutting period as the ranches have a very high Bull to Cow ratio, thus making for a very competitive rut. Be prepared for plenty of bugling especially towards the end of September. It is not at all uncommon to have multiple encounters with rutting bulls each day once the rut is really cooking.



Our Oregon archery Elk hunt takes place in the Northeastern part of the State. This country is a mix of high desert, rolling hills and breaks of juniper and pinion, with plenty of water and even some alfalfa thrown in the mix. This hunt is a good choice for any physical ability as the bulk of this country lends itself very well to bowhunting but you should attempt to be in the best shape possible to really maximize your time here. If you are patient and work hard with your guide then you will be set up for success. Lodging while on your bowhunt here will consist of a very cozy ranch house with all the amenities that you would need. Great meals, a shower and a comfy bed await you after a long day pursuing bugling Bulls. All transportation while on your hunt is provided and we can even arrange for airport pick up and return for a small fee.



If you are looking for a QUALITY Elk hunt and are not a Western point builder, than this over the counter tag based hunt should way heavily in your decision process. We expect our clients to encounter and hunt for Bulls in the 280″ – 320″ class being common and potential to encounter a Bull in the 340″ class not out of the realm of possibility at all. Spots are very limited due to repeat business and the fact that the hunting is so good. We feel that this is indeed one of the very best opportunities at a true P&Y class Bull in the State of Oregon. Please look over the above pics and see for yourself the type of Elk that await you at this overlooked trophy Elk destination. We look forward to getting a chance to visit with you about this amazing Bow and Arrow Adventure.


Best regards, Scott Alberda

Oregon Trophy Elk Information:

Northeastern, Oregon
$5,750 / 1 on 1 or $5,250 / 2 on 1
Trophy Potential:
280" - 320"+ P&Y average score with 340"+ potential.
7 full days
Airport pickup and return provided by staff to Redmond, Oregon for $200.00 round trip.
Hunt Transportation:
All transportation while on hunt is provided.
Clean and comfortable ranch house.
License & Tag Fees:
License & tag Approx $660.00
Style of Hunt:
Ground blind, tree stand, spot & stalk, calling.
September rut.

Oregon Trophy Elk Included:

Professional BOWHUNTING guides.


All tracking services and preparation of game for travel.


Clean and comfortable rustic lodging.


All meals while at camp.


All hunt transportation.


Managed private land.

Oregon Trophy Elk Not Included:

Air Travel to and from Redmond, Oregon.


Meals at local restaurants while in town.


License and tag fees approximately $660.00


Guide gratuities.


Taxidermy services.


Meat processing.

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