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Bowhunting in Newfoundland for trophy Eastern Canadian Moose is something every bowhunter should experience at least once in their life.  Often refereed to as the Alaska of Eastern Canada the rugged, scenic and untouched majesty of Newfoundland must be seen to be believed. Newfoundland has a very impressive Moose population that numbers well over 100,000 animals. Canadian Moose were first introduced on the island in the early 1900’s. While there is no doubt an impressive Moose population it is critically important to understand that the potential for trophy Moose consistently is centered around one area, The Long Range Mountains. Few words can describe the beauty that welcomes you with your first step onto the rock. The high alpine ridges and valleys of Western Newfoundland are certain to get you excited to pursue one of the MANY trophy Bulls that you will encounter within the confines of our outfitters area. Our outfitters area borders a large National Park to the East and the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the South and West. This area is only accessible by helicopter and has arguably the highest Moose density on the entire Island.


Our outfitter provides dedicated attention to even the smallest detail in regards to your bowhunt. Your hunt from start to finish is meticulously planned. Once you begin researching a Newfie outfitter you will have a lot to sift through. While you will find many options keep in mind that the vast majority of them ARE NOT trophy Moose hunts!! Many of the outfitters average bulls will be 20″ – 30″ with the occasional bull breaking the 40″ mark. This is where our outfitter clearly breaks away from the pack and is what sets them apart from every other outfitter on the Island. For the last 12 years our outfitter has maintained a voluntary yet strict 40″ minimum on their Bulls. This is unheard of in Newfoundland as many outfitters will encourage you to take the very first bull that you encounter and are also quick to offer a bowhunting client a rifle to get the job done. This is not what we want for our clients. You may find an outfitter who offers a bowonly camp but if it is still in an average area with average Bulls then what is the point?? Our outfitters knowledgeable staff is competent and accomplished with bowhunters and that is why they continue to maintain a TRUE 100% shot opportunity on 40″ and better Bulls. They actually average 45″ most years. Again this is unheard of in Newfoundland.


Your bowhunt will start on a Sunday morning with pick up in Deer Lake by one of the staff. Then it is a short ride to the helicopter hangar where all necessary paperwork, licensing and final details will be sorted out. From there a short helicopter flight will take you to camp where you will be met by your friendly and knowledgeable bowhunting guide for the week. Get your gear settled and then it’s time to cut some arrows loose and make sure your bow is on and that you are ready for the trophy Moose you will soon be encountering. Perhaps even have some time for a quick scouting trip!!


A typical day starts in the predawn hours with a hearty breakfast and departure from camp at daybreak. Depending on the weather, physical conditioning and your method of hunting your guide will determine the best are for you to focus your hunting efforts for the day. The vast area is made up primarily of sub alpine ridges and wooded valleys interspersed. A good portion of the bowhunting will take place in the timber and on its fringes. Because your bowhunt will take place around the annual rut, calling is very effective. Much of the country side is covered with ” Newfoundland bog “, this is ideal habitat to encounter a trophy Bull but can prove to be a challenge for a bowhunter to move around in. The barren ridges and abundant berry bushes attract many large Black Bears, so having a Bear tag in your pocket is an excellent idea. It is not uncommon if the weather is somewhat cooperating for you to see upward of 20+ Moose per day. Opportunities to hunt and stalk a trophy Bull Moose is normally a daily occurrence. Our outfitter currently maintains a 100% shot opportunity for their bowhunters. Keep in mind their self imposed minimum of 40” and a 100% opportunity at mature Bulls and you will see quickly that no other outfitter in Newfoundland can match this. Go ahead and ask around to see for yourself. Much of their success for their clients is due to their commitment to managing their concession for trophy Moose. This has resulted in an almost unprecedented opportunity to hunt virgin territory for Moose that has had basically NO HUNTING PRESSURE outside of their operation. No resident hunting pressure here!! They also frequently rotate their hunting locations between the four camps to keep areas fresh and hunting pressure at the bare minimum.


At camp you will stay in comfortable and clean wall tent’s with wood floors. Hot showers and hearty meals await you at the end of a long day in the bush. generated electricity and satellite phone is also provided for emergency.  Getting to meet up with everybody and swap stories of the trophies encountered and taken will be sure to keep you excited for the following days hunt.


Fact – This is the only true dedicated TROPHY MOOSE HUNT in Newfoundland that actually maintains these kind of results!! To be able to produce 40″ – 50″ Bulls each year for their clients is far and above the norm in Newfoundland. You will absolutely be able to find a Newfoundland Moose hunt for less money but you WILL NOT find a hunt of this quality and true average on Eastern Canada’s TROPHY MOOSE. There is a big difference in quality and quantity of Bulls in this area. The fact that it is so remote and is strictly managed by the outfitter is why they are your best opportunity for a true Eastern Canadian Trophy Bull!! If you like the idea of bowhunting ” The Rock ” then please contact us right away. We would like to see our bowhunting clients there the very first week of the season or the third week. First week is primarily a spot and stalk situation and the third week is all about calling during the rut!! It is very important to note that the shot opportunity rate is still 100% for both time frames. Again this is unheard of on TROPHY BULLS!! Prime time slots fill very quickly and we are currently booking a year in advance and often times spots are already starting to fill by then. Don’t wait to get your spot locked in for your dream trip to one of the most beautiful destinations on the planet. The trophy Bulls of Western Newfoundland are awaiting your challenge to pursue them with stick and string. There has never been a better time then now to bowhunt ” The Rock ” We hope you will join us for a Bow and Arrow Adventure that you won’t soon forget!!


Best regards, Scott Alberda

Newfoundland Trophy Canadian Moose Information:

North Western Newfoundland.
Trophy Potential:
True 40" - 50" spread with serious P&Y potential.
6 full hunting days.
Fly into Deer Lake Regional Airport, travel to Corner Brook.
Hunt Transportation:
Helicopter transportation to and from camp, hiking while on hunt.
Comfortable wall tent and cabin lodging.
License & Tag Fees:
License & tag approx $502.00
Style of Hunt:
Spot and stalk along with calling.
Late August through October.

Newfoundland Trophy Moose Included:

Professional BOWHUNTING guide.


All tracking services and preparation of game for travel.


Clean and comfortable lodging.


All meals while at camp.


Helicopter charter to and from camp.


Export permit.

Newfoundland Trophy Moose Not Included:

Air travel to and from Deer Lake, Newfoundland.


Shuttle from Deer Lake to Corner Brook, approximately $22.00.


Meals at local restaurants while in town.


License & tag approx $502.00


Guide gratuities.


Taxidermy services.

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