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Alaska bowhunts for trophy Brown Bear are one of the most impressive experiences that a bowhunter could ever hope to have. These huge, majestic predators reign at the very top of the food chain and are the largest predator in all of Alaska’s vast wilderness. Bowhunting for one of these impressive animals must absolutely be done with the right outfitter. We are excited to be able to add this impressive Bow and Arrow Adventure to our arsenal with an outfitter who’s passion is BOWHUNTING!!! Our outfitter in Alaska has been perfecting his craft since the mid 1990’s and started guiding in 2005 and is well on his way to his own North American 29 with a bow.  The craving for bowhunting was passed down from his father and to say that he is an accomplished bowhunter in Alaska would be an understatement. He himself has taken numerous Brown Bear, Grizzly, Moose, Mt. Goat, Caribou and Sheep all via stick and string. This outfit is intimately familiar with what it takes to provide a professional guided bowhunt and help you close the distance on these massive Brown Bears. Our outfitter and his entire staff are accomplished bowhunters and are committed to your success. You can choose to bowhunt for Brown Bear two separate ways in which you will find the details below.


NEW FOR 2014!!!

Baited Brown Bear Bowhunts: The great State of Alaska just recently passed prop 106 thus approving non-resident hunters to legally hunt over bait for the first time in history within certain units. Our outfitter is conducting this hunt in the most remote of these units. There is no road access, so it is either fly in or a very long boat ride. This helps keep pressure to a bare minimum. Our outfitter has been baiting trophy Black Bears in this country for years as well as guiding his Brown Bear hunters by traditional means. It was common place to have Brown Bears come into some of these baits and lay claim to a free meal thus taking over the bait from the Black Bears. All the client could do is sit and enjoy the show. Now you can come to full draw and take the trophy of a life time. Average Brown Bears in this area will square 8′ – 9′ with larger brownies and serious B&C potential a possibility. This outfitter only takes six hunters a year and in 2014 all six bowhunters were clients of ours. Five of these clients were traditional bowhunters, only one was shooting a compound. Of the 6 bowhunters 4 were successful and the other 2 had opportunities within easy bow range at P&Y class Brownies. Our 4 successful bowhunters all harvested P&Y Brown Bears and one should make the top 15 all time and squared 9′ 6″. There were several giants left behind for this year. The hunt takes place in late May through the month of June. This is an 8 day bowhunt, 1 on 1 with tent accommodations. So you know this bowhunt is also in a 2 Brown Bear area, so there is a possibility that you could take a second Brown Bear on the same hunt if luck rolled your way. This may very well be the best baited Brown Bear bowhunt available as the success can’t be argued with. If you are seriously considering a Brown Bear hunt with a 100% shot opportunity at P&Y class bears then this is it!!!


Summer Brown Bear Bowhunts:  Our outfitters summer hunts take place in July when lot’s of hungry Brown Bears are heavily concentrated on salmon streams. Bowhunters generally have multiple stalks and opportunities on bears and this is a great time of year for a bowhunter to have success as Brown Bears are focused on filling their belly’s with lot’s of salmon. You can imagine slipping along the stream bank while you quietly slip into effective bow range of the bruin of your dreams. This bowhunt is very exciting as things can happen quickly and the bears can be unpredictable which will only add to the adrenaline already coursing through your body. Brown Bears will average 8′ – 9′ with excellent potential to get into an upper end brownie. This outfitter has a long and lengthy track record sneaking bowhunters into bow range on a brown bear focused on his supper so you can plan on a 100% shot opportunity due to a 100% effort provided by this bowhunting outfitter and his talented staff. This bowhunt is also an 8 day adventure and is guided 1 on 1 with a PROFESSIONAL BOWHUNTING GUIDE, lodging consists of quality tents. Plenty of time to get you into range and come to full draw on a BIG Brown Bear in the beautiful State of Alaska.


Alaska is called the last frontier and for good reason. This country is remote and picturesque, but one should keep in mind that Alaska although very beautiful can also be very inhospitable and difficult. Mother nature can rear her head at any given moment and shut your hunt down for a day or three. This is just the nature of bowhunting dangerous game in truly wild places. We encourage all of our clients to be prepared for some wet weather. These are also remote FLY IN hunts so the amount of gear you can bring is often limited to about 50 lbs plus your bow case. We will assist you in every possible situation to help you prepare for this adventure of a life time. Don’t risk just hunting with anybody for your Brown Bear with a bow. Hunt with one of the very best in the business who has taken NUMEROUS Brown Bears himself and for his many satisfied clients. Book your bowhunt for these amazing animals in confidence. Book with us. We look forward to talking with you more about this awesome opportunity in the beautiful wilds of Alaska. Hurry as spots are incredibly limited and are booking a minimum of a year in advance.


Best regards, Scott Alberda

Alaska Trophy Brown Bear Information:

Alaska's unit 16 B.
Baited hunt $18,000 / Salmon stream spot & stalk hunt $14,000.

Trophy Potential:
23" - 27"+ P&Y Average Score.
8 full hunting days.
Clients will be met in either Anchorage or Kenai then flown into camp.
Hunt Transportation:
All transportation while on hunt is provided.
Well maintained tents for the wilds of Alaska.
License & Tag Fees:
License & tag approx $1,160.00.
Style of Hunt:
Baited hunts from tree stands or spot and stalk.
Baited: Late May - June.
Spot and Stalk:  July

Alaska Trophy Brown Bear Included:

Professional BOWHUNTING guide 1 on 1.


All tracking services and preparation of game for travel.


Tent lodging in the bush.


All meals while at camp.


All hunt transportation once you arrive in Anchorage or Kenai.


Active Brown Bear baits.


Bush flight to and from camp.

Alaska Trophy Brown Bear Not Included:

Air travel to and from Anchorage or Kenai, Alaska.


Meals at local restaurants while in town.


License & tag fees approximately $1,160.00


Guide gratuities.


Taxidermy services.

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