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South African bowhunting safaris for plains game in the Limpopo Province for trophies via stick and string is something every adventurous bowhunter should experience at least once in his or her life. Traveling to the dark continent to bowhunt is appealing for many reasons!! The bowhunting adventure that awaits you there can only be described as breathtaking!! The Limpopo Province of South Africa is considered by many to be the very best opportunity in all of South Africa for numerous species of trophy plains game. Species like the majestic Greater Kudu, Gemsbok, Impala, Blue Wildebeest, Nyala and Water Buck are just a few of the incredibly beautiful species awaiting for you with our Professional Hunter in this picturesque region of the world.


This specific Safari operation is run by a PH who has been a passionate bowhunter for many years and has committed his operation to be a top destination for a TRUE BOWHUNTING ONLY Plains Game Safari in this famous region of South Africa. His area is based on three separate concessions. 30,000 acres near Kruger National Park, 3,000 acres in Vivo and 2,500 in Thabazimbi. The main concession where most of the game is hunted is the large 30,000 acre piece. The others have prime species of interest and allow our clients to see and bowhunt a new area with new sights and sounds. Every one of these areas are TRUE BOWHUNTING ONLY CONCESSIONS!! All of these areas utilize 5 – 6 different hides on each concession. Some will be elevated hides while others will be on the ground.


It is important to keep in mind that there are literally thousands of choices for a South African Safari, and hundreds that offer quality bowhunting safaris. It can be a very daunting task to find the perfect fit for you and your family or group when it comes to a QUALITY BOWHUNTING SAFARI. The whole benefit of using our service (which is FREE to our clients) is that we have researched operations for many years and have found what we believe to be among the very best choices for your bowhunting safari of a lifetime. With us you will get the satisfaction of knowing that you have booked with the very best available and can focus on enjoying your South African Bowhunting Adventure. From start to finish you and your group will be taken care of. From logistics to camp orientation, learning about the many different species and landscape, meals, lodging and expert bowhunting guides and trackers to the skinning and handling of your trophies whether they are mounted in South Africa or to be crated and sent home to you to be mounted by your own taxidermist. You will be very pleased with your Bowhunting Safari with our operation!!


Prime time to bowhunt South Africa is May – October. Anything within this time frame will be very good as far as timing your safari. You can expect your shooting distances to be anywhere from 20 – 30 yards from the hides. If you are walking and stalking then it will all depend on what your guide and you feel comfortable with. It is important to know that once you have drawn blood on an animal that you will be charged the appropriate trophy fee for that species. Every possible attempt will be made to retrieve your trophy with the excellent trackers and staff with our operation, but it is up to you to make the shot count!! Traveling with your bow to South Africa is very easy. It will just need to be picked up at the over size luggage counter and then its off to customs with your gear. No other hoops to jump through. You will be met at the airport and then taken to camp to get your gear stowed, shoot your bows and be briefed on your upcoming hunt in the morning. It is in your best interest to shoot a QUALITY CUT ON CONTACT BROADHEAD. We encourage all of our clients to shoot broadheads made by Alaska Bowhunting Supply!! But which ever you decide to use make certain that it will preform because YOU WILL BE SHOOTING!!


We can customize a package unique to you and your group or you can purchase an exclusive package that is only available through Bow and Arrow Adventures. Either way we are fully confident that you will enjoy every aspect of your adventure to bowhunt in South Africa’s scenic and trophy rich Limpopo Province. You can look over the different daily rates and trophy fees on this page along with our special all inclusive packages. We will assist you in all the planning of your trip if need be and make sure that you are prepared for every aspect of your bowhunting adventure to beautiful South Africa. Numerous references are available upon request and you will be in full contact with our safari operation throughout the entire process.


You can avoid the horror stories that you have no doubt heard about or read about regarding hunters sizeable investments being squandered with a non reputable operation. Again there are many, many choices. Let us assist you in making the correct choice that will make certain that your safari is not only a successful one but also a memorable one that will never be forgotten. Please contact us with any questions you have so we can begin the process of customizing your South African Bow and Arrow Adventure!! Book your safari in confidence, book with us!!


Best regards, Scott Alberda





South Africa Trophy Plains Game Bowhunting Safaris Information:

Limpopo Province of South Africa.
1 Client with a professional hunter on a plains game safari
$450 pd
2 Clients with a professional hunter on a plains game safari
$350 per hunter pd
Observer/Non hunter
$250 pd
Blesbuck (Common)              $470
Blesbuck (White)                   $580
Blue Wildebeest                    $990
Bushbuck (southern)            $1,200
Bush Pig                                  $1,200
Duiker (Common)                   $320
Eland (Cape)                           $2,500
Giraffe                                     $3,600
Impala (Southern)                  $420
Klipspringer                           $2,000
Kudu                                        $2,400
Nyala                                        $2,660
Oryx/Gemsbuck                      $1,250
Ostrich                                     $580
Red Hartebeest                      $1,200
Reedbuck (Mountain)            $1,100
Steenbuck                               $340
Waterbuck                               $2,150
Warthog                                   $420
Zebra (Burchell's)                   $1,400
Trophy Potential:
Potential, silver and gold medal SCI for most species.
Standard safaris are 7 - 10 days. Custom packages available. Please contact us for details.
Airport pickup and return to Johannesburg.
Hunt Transportation:
All transportation while on hunt is provided.
Clean and comfortable lodge with all amenities.
License & Tag Fees:
Including in price for trophy fee's and or packages.
Style of Hunt:
Ground blind, treestand, ladderstand and spot and stalk.



June - September

South Africa Trophy Plains Game Bowhunting Safaris Included:


  • Suitable game hunting concession for the exclusive use of hunting group.


  • All hunting camp accommodation.


  • All hunting facilities and staff including a fully qualified PH, tracker(s) & skinner(s).


  • Fully equipped hunting vehicle & driver.


  • All relevant hunting permits.


  • All field preparation of trophies.


  • Arrangement of all airport/camp transfers.





South Africa Trophy Plains Game Bowhunting Safaris Not Included:

  • International & domestic scheduled flight costs and reservations.


  • Hotel accommodation / transfer costs prior to & after hunt.
  • Payment of hunt cost – in full prior to departure.
  • Payment of all trophy fees on every additional animal taken or wounded & lost before departure from camp at conclusion of hunt, in US$.
  • Optional payment of staff & PH gratuities and any other personal expenses.
  • Payment for all trophy shipping & documentation and taxidermy work.
  • Visa fees & international airport departure fee.

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