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Alaska baited Black Bear bowhunting is as good as it has ever been with our talented bowhunting outfitter based out of Wasilla, Alaska. This is a truly remote fly in bowhunt in an area with little to no pressure. This allows the Black Bears that live in this country to grow old and get trophy size skulls. Our outfitter is a passionate bowhunter who is well on his way to taking the North American 29 and is actually well over half way to his goal. He has been operating in this area for awhile now and has become very familiar with these BIG BLACK BEARS and how to hunt them. All of his guides are experienced bowhunters and know exactly what it takes to make certain that you have a safe and successful bowhunt. This hunt actually takes place in a predator management area and you are allowed to legally take up to 3 Black Bears in the same trip. This area has a very impressive population of Black Bears due to how remote it is. This is a very small family run outfit that only takes 2 – 4 clients per year on these BAITED TROPHY BLACK BEAR BOWHUNTS. Spots are very limited and fill up pretty quickly. This small but professional operation is exactly what our clients look for in a quality bowhunt. QUALITY not quantity defines our outfitter and his goals for his clients.


This part of Alaska routinely produces P&Y class Blackies and it is entirely possible to get into an old boar that can be 20″ or better across his skull for a true trophy of a lifetime. With this hunt being so remote it will just be you and your guide in the wilderness with lot’s of Bears to keep you company. This is why this proven bowhunt has an extremely high success rate and has always been a 100% success with every hunter leaving with at least 1 Black Bear. The hunt will take place in the month of June when the Bears are on the move filling their bellies. Later in June the sows start coming into estrus and can help lure that BIG OL BRUIN into the bait for a top pin shot. Most all the Black Bears you will encounter will be dark black and average 200 – 350 lbs with P&Y class skulls from 18″ – 20″ Our outfitter is savvy guiding both traditional and compound clients, so no matter what style of bow you prefer our outfitter can accommodate you as long as it’s legal in Alaska. Make no mistake about it ” you will come to full draw so be prepared to do your part and execute a clean ethical shot ” Shots range from 18 yards to 22 yards depending on the bait sites location.


Why not Alaska for your next Bow and Arrow Black Bear Adventure. With all of these ingredients and the opportunity to potentially take up to 3 Black Bears with an outfitter who lives to bowhunt, you just can’t go wrong. This is a true wilderness hunt so lodging will consist of quality tents. all your meals are included along with all transportation once you arrive in Anchorage or Kenai. Our outfitter will let you know which location you will be flying into.


We are fortunate to be able to offer our clients an opportunity to bowhunt for Alaska’s Black Bears with such a talented bowhunting outfitter. We hope that you will contact us to enjoy one of these limited opportunities to bowhunt the wilds of Alaska for trophy Black Bear. Please take a moment and look over the above pics to see the quality of Black Bears our guy consistently takes for his clients. We are looking forward to visiting with you about this awesome Bow and Arrow Adventure.


Best regards, Scott Alberda

Alaska Trophy Black Bear Information:

Alaska's unit 16 B
$4,500 for 1 Bear + $1,000 trophy fee for each additional Bear.
Trophy Potential:
18" - 20"+ P&Y Average Score.
5 full hunting days.
Clients will be met in either Anchorage or Kenai then flown into camp.
Hunt Transportation:
All transportation while on hunt is provided.
Well maintained tents for the wilds of Alaska.
License & Tag Fees:
License $160.00 plus Black Bear tag $450.00 each up to 3.
Style of Hunt:
Baited hunts from tree stands.

Alaska Trophy Black Bear Included:

Professional BOWHUNTING guide 1 on 1.


All tracking services and preparation of game for travel.


Tent lodging in the bush.


All meals while at camp.


All hunt transportation once you arrive in Anchorage or Kenai.


Active Black Bear baits.


Bush flight to and from camp.

Alaska Trophy Black Bear Not Included:

Air Travel to and from Anchorage or Kenai, Alaska.


Meals at local restaurants while in town.


License $85.00 + tag $225.00 each up to 3.


Guide gratuities.


Taxidermy services.

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