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In today’s day and age there are more outfitters and guides to choose from then ever before. There are also as many consultants. We have all heard the horror stories and many of us “including myself” have faced these head on. We have experienced first hand what happens when you are told one thing and get something completely different after you have written the check and show up in camp. Whether going on your first guided bowhunt or your hundredth outfitting adventure, you can book your bowhunt with us in total confidence. We have helped HUNDREDS of client’s make the right choice that was based on his or her specific needs and goals.


We work closely with the outfitters we represent and track their operations year in and year out which will eliminate you from having to attempt to find the right hunt for you on your own. We are proud of the fact that we were an OUTFITTER AND GUIDE SERVICE FIRST!! We have intimate knowledge of what it takes to be successful in the outfitting business because that is what we started from.  Who better to ask the tough questions to an outfitter about his or her area, guides and the critters that live there. We have also always been obsessed with research and finding the next great trophy destination of which many of our exclusive opportunities have been unearthed. We take our research VERY SERIOUSLY!! This is why we have been able to build the reputation that we have in the bowhunting world.


Don’t be fooled, there is a big difference between a consultant who has been on some successful hunts and a consultant who has run successful bowhunts FOR YEARS!! Also keep in mind that OUR SERVICES ARE COMPLETELY FREE TO YOU!! That’s right, you pay the exact same price with us as you would the outfitter. You may even save money by avoiding a negative experience you could have avoided by using our service. In short we will put our track record up against anyone’s in the business. From Brown Bear to Trophy Whitetail and Red Stag to Kudu, we have you covered with some of the best in the bowhunting world. Don’t waste your hard earned dollar on empty promises or a neighbors one specific experience. Join the numerous folks from all walks of life that have booked with us and had the bowhunt they were told they would get and payed for.



Bowhunting has been Scott Alberda’s passion for over 20 years and is what led him to establish Bow and Arrow Adventures. Over this time he has become acutely aware of the many challenges serious bowhunters must contend with to find the specific type of bowhunt they are searching for. During his hunting adventures over the last 20 years or so, he has listened and learned from some of the most knowledgeable hunters in the field.


It is his personal goal to use this knowledge so that our clients can enjoy the same “hunts of a life-time “, that he has enjoyed. While hunting many different locations across North America, Scott is continually researching those areas which produce the absolute very best trophies for our clients. Scott is happily married to the most amazing women he has ever met and is fortunate to be the father to an incredible daughter who also enjoys the outdoors. They are active in their Church and are so very fortunate to have a loving Church family. God is so good!!!


Bowhunting is not just a hobby for Scott. It is truly a way of life that has become a business. He is fully confident that his guiding and bowhunting background will greatly assist in helping you accomplish your personal bowhunting goals.


Scott is a proud member of the Pope and Young Club.




For the past 21years as a full-time outfitter, R.L. Foster has dedicated himself to doing one thing exceedingly well. That is to consistently put his bowhunting clients on trophy whitetail bucks.
His hard work has paid off with well over 100 of his bowhunting clients harvesting bucks which meet or exceed the Pope and Young minimum, and nearly a dozen which grossed over the Boone and Crockett minimum of 170’’.
Having taken his first buck at the age of 13 , R.L. brings 40 years of whitetail experience to each of the hunts he operates. His passion for locating big bucks has led him across most of the country, but primarily his hunts take place in the top trophy- producing states of the Mid-West.
In the past few years as his reputation has grown within the hunting industry, he has had the opportunity to work as a consultant, assisting other outfitters who are either establishing new or fine tuning their existing bowhunting operation.” My personal experience as an Outfitter, along with my time spent working and hunting with Outfitters throughout most of the Western states, has given me invaluable insight as to what is required to conduct a top-shelf bowhunting operation”.
When not guiding himself, he makes it a point to do as much bowhunting as his schedule allows. Since 1990 when he made his first of three trips to Idaho, he has been blessed to have had the opportunity to bowhunt big-game throughout most of the Western states and whitetail throughout the Mid-West, the South and Texas.” For me bowhunting spring bear in Alaska and Western Canada comes in a close second to chasing monster whitetails”.
R.L. is a proud Regular Member of the Pope and Young Club.




” I have been on several hunts including Africa…I can say that Bow & Arrow adventures has a first class company. They value your business while providing top level service with an opportunity to harvest some of the largest bulls anywhere. “
Matthew Miller, MD – New Mexico Elk Hunt


" We had a great hunt, three out of five hunters in my party were successful on P&Y quality bucks. Scott provided all the information and took care of all the logistics for us. We will be using Scott and Bow and Arrow Adventures for future hunts. "


Chad Hole, CA - Wyoming Mule Deer Hunt


" Accommodations are in a top notch B&B. Trophy Quality is excellent. Guide worked hard to be sure you had the best possible opportunity to take a trophy. Would highly recommend to other hunters. "


Tim Fisk, AL - Kansas Whitetail Hunt


" Scott set us up with a first class hunt. The camp was the best, lots of game, great quality. It literally couldn't have been better."


Jack Jennings, CA - Texas Whitetail Hunt

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